Launch your own cosmetics brand
Certified and automated production of more than 30 types of cosmetics under your brand
Take the test and calculate the launch cost of your brand
Create it. Love it. Sell it.
We offer cosmetics of the highest quality at an affordable price and produce for well-known global networks and companies.
Everything you need to launch your brand
From concept to launch day, we help bring the dream of launching your own brand
  • Fast production
    We start producing your orders immediately. Easy process, quick turnaround
  • Fast shipping
    All orders ship by DHL, so your customers will never have to wait long
  • Vegan
    Our products are cruelty-free and manufactured from the highest quality ingredients
  • No commitment
    There are no contracts, so you can stop anytime
What can we do for you?
Our team of professionals will select the products to launch, produce them, develop a design and logo, prepare them for shipment and send them to the recipient. We are creating the top 3 fast-growing main directions in the production of cosmetics. In addition, we produce products for hair care and skin care of the face and body.
Launch the product
within 72 hours
We offer a ready-made solution for your request.
We will launch the products for production within 3 days
Create. Sell it.
We help entrepreneurs and small businesses create their own brand for eyebrow, eyelash and facial and body skin care in a matter of minutes at affordable prices, but at the same time using only high-quality raw materials and packaging!
There is no need to rent a laboratory, hire technologists, designers and build a production pipeline
Multifunctional production saves you time and money. Make, pack in one production at no extra cost
The average price segment and stylish packaging allows you to make a high margin on the manufactured goods. You choose your RRP
Download PDF of the complete products available for order under your brand, as well as the price list and the number of batches