Private Label
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Lucas Cosmetics Company
The company founded the CC Brow brand, which has been successfully operating since 2015.
The average retail markup of our clients is from 100-500%

Multifunctional production saves time and money on transportation. Produce and pack in one production facility
Savings on packaging
Own production
Production of ready products under your brand
We are ready to carry out a different batch format: from 10 to ∞
Any batch size
Fast production time
When manufacturing products without labels, the shipment period is from 10 days
Launch the product within 72 hours
Do you need a quick start? We have a ready-made solution for your request. We will launch products for manufacturing within 3 days.
Steps of cooperation
Joint filling of the brief: selection of products, packages, design
Brand`s Development
Conclusion of a contract and payment of the invoice
Production according to the terms of the contract
Batch production
Our equipment allows us to make large volumes of supplies
Our partners
We produce over 30 types of cosmetics
Henna for eyebrows and eyelashes, henna to simulate freckles

Related products for the staining treatment

Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes

Kits for lash lamination and long-term styling of eyebrows

Skin care cosmetics for face and body

Materials and tools for eyelash extension
Sets for home coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes

Make-up cosmetics

Nail products

Materials and tools for microblading

Men's cosmetics line

Equipment and supplies for beauticians.

White label
White label products (products without label)
5000€ - 10 000€
Products with labels (design not included)

Photo shoot of products on a white background

Free consultation of the Technologist
Extra Premium
<10 000€
Customized label design (design developed by our designer)

Image photo session (for photo content)

Flyers and instructions with Client's logo (on request)

Two online webinars from the technologist
<50 000€
Customized label design
from our designer

Premium quality labels (application, gold \silver film)

Free shipping

Video training from our technologist with client's products (on request)

Leaflets and instructions with the client's logo (on request)

Image photo session of products (on request)

Online support from our technologist within one month

Visit to the client and live training from our technologist (if possible and request).
1000€ - 5000€
Products with labels (design not included)
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What`s about your brand? Create it. Sell it. Love it.
White and private label
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